We Believe...

What Makes the LifePlay
Experience Special?

We Cultivate Life Skills &
Emotional Intelligence
through the Joy of PLAY!

LifePlay believes that people achieve personal success through deeper self-awareness, maintaining an open and curious mind, and by developing an increased emotional intelligence.

WE believe people of all ages benefit from ongoing personal discovery that celebrates their uniqueness, opens perspectives, and encourages creativity, while developing strong conflict resolution skills.

LifePlay: Emotional Intelligence + Restorative Justice + Arts & Play!

WE believe that every person has an individual innate brilliance which, when tapped and empowered, can affect positive change and have a powerful impact on the world around them.

WE believe in honoring the inner wisdom of all of our students, empowering them through guided questioning to discover the knowledge they didn’t know they had.

This takes special skills, patience, and loving-kindness from our teaching artists, and the difference in this education model is amazing—everyone learns better when they have figured something out themselves.

Emotional Intelligence and Positive Discipline

Strong emotional intelligence is a key component in building successful relationships, setting and achieving goals, and experiencing all that life has to offer. By creating a safe and supportive environment staffed by professionals with an astonishing variety of skills and expertise, LifePlay provides a playground for your personal and professional growth.

When working with children, our staff follows a positive discipline philosophy for classroom management, along with the use of Restorative Justice in resolving conflicts. This means the children in LifePlay classes learn powerful conflict resolution and communication techniques and have opportunities to participate. Individualized awareness and attention ensure children are met at their own level, and our positive reinforcement methods mean your child comes home happy and fulfilled.

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LifePlay Girl Leadership & Empowerment Programs

"My children LOVED their LifePlay after school programs — they learned a lot about each other and themselves!"

~ Parent Testimonial