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We all face conflict in our lives, from everyday situations like being frustrated at the behavior of another, to the challenge of managing bullying can create serious life challenges and psychological road blocks in young people.

We employ the power of theatre to reveal every student’s inner brilliance.

We empower kids & teens with the self-confidence, emotional literacy and anti-bullying skills they need to push those road blocks aside.

Keep Your Power

Unlike other anti-bullying programs you'll see, we don't believe in "stopping" bullying. Bullies are made, not born, and we can never control the actions of others. But we can prepare. We arm children and teens with the knowledge and practical skills that allow them to keep their power, not give it away. We teach kids to recognize and respond to bullying in a wise and effective manner. Our approach is realistic, practical and personal.

This interactive assembly has been developed over the past five years in partnership with child psychologists and theatre professionals. 'Keep Your Power' delivers tools for bullying prevention and awareness that students can use the minute they walk out the door. We administer a pre-assessment that gives us a clear picture of your school's specific needs. The assembly performance is followed up with a parent take-home packet that extends students' learning into the home.

LifePlay understands that the dynamics and motivations that fuel bullying is vastly different in boys than with girls—we wisely respond by availing different skills and lessons for each gender, plus proper tools for prevention and defense.


The 'GirlPower' bullying program addresses the "relational aggresion" that can arise between girls. We help young women identify the more subtle types of harm that this type of bullying can cause. We arm girls with skills that allow them to recognize and respond to these bullying behaviors in an impactful way.

'GirlPower' programs can be structured as one-time sessions, multiple workshops or school-wide assemblies. Contact us to learn about having 'GirlPower' at your school.

The Superman Project

The 'Superman Project' is designed specifically to empower boys against the physical violence that bullies often use to intimidate. In this course, we may involve your school faculty and staff to recall their own bullying experiences or role play with the students. This class conveys to young men that those who are bullied are not alone, and that those who bully are able to change.

This course is available as an in-class workshop or school assembly. Inquire about The Superman Project at your school.

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