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LifePlay conducts a variety of school assemblies, ranging from theatre productions to lessons in character building and life skills, and we've expanded our operations to bring our assemblies to schools throughout San Diego, Los Angeles, and the Bay Area.

Choose from one of our powerful and highly entertaining assemblies to deliver life-changing tools to your entire school or organization population:

  • Collapse to hide description... Keep Your Power!   (an antidote to the bullying epidemic)
    Keep Your Power!

    This completely interactive assembly has been developed with theatre professionals, drama therapists, behavioral counselors, and child psychologists. The assembly delivers powerful tools for understanding, preventing, and coping with conflict (We at LifePlay prefer to use terminology around conflict resolution rather than victim-oriented terms such as bully, target, victim, bullying, etc...)

    Our professional assembly team employs improvisational theatre techniques, conflict resolution wisdom, and role-playing to help your students discover the tools they need for a peaceful, positive experience at school and in life.

    Keep Your Power can be delivered in full form, OR in flash mob style, which takes place as a surprise assembly on your school's field or playground.

  • Collapse to hide description... LifePlay Live!
    LifePlay Live!

    This audience-participation assembly will leave your students, staff, and parents wowed! Our professional performers tailor as assembly to your needs, budget, group size, and desired outcome.

    Do you have a special message you are trying to get through to your school community? The LifePlay team will develop an assembly that will provide the exact service you are looking for, from improvisational theatre to puppetry, storytelling, circus acts, and more!

  • Collapse to hide description... Will Call
    Will Call

    Bring a Broadway-style musical to your school that engages your students in helping to tell the story!

    This amazing assembly features a one-of-a-kind performance troupe of highly trained singers and musicians that takes audience suggestions to create a full-length musical on the spot, all improvised, and completely entertaining.

    This is great paired with one of our improvisational theatre courses!

Pair any assembly with an after school enrichment program for a discount!

Contact us to learn more about conducting a LifePlay school assembly.

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