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In addition to our other services, LifePlay offers impactful, powerful programs in leadership, dramatic arts, and conflict resolution for girl-based organizations, such as Girl Scouts. We believe that every girl has an innate brilliance which, when tapped, can effect positive change and impact the world around her.

Girl Empowerment programs by LifePlay

Got Girls Who Gripe?

Disgruntled Daisies?             Bossy Brownies?
Judging Juniors?
Cadettes in Conflict?             Seniors getting Sassy?

Let's be honest...girls don't always get along.

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    Time to Activate their GirlPOWER!

    At LifePlay, we don't lecture...we PLAY!

    Through innovative play we help girls discover their own inner brilliance so they can affect positive change in their own lives and in the world around them.

    Bring peace to your troop with GirlPOWER, LifePlay's social & emotional play program!

    • reduce conflict
    • increase confidence
    • eliminate cliques
    • open lines of communication
    • foster leadership
    • increase personal accountability

    We can come to your troop meeting!

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    Troops and groups of girls in any organization will benefit from our eye-opening GirlPOWER seminar! Age-appropriate instruction in what causes bullying, how to deal with it when it happens, and how to prevent it will make an immediate impact on a community. Powerful information and situational role-play paired with a practical take-home packet for parents will make a difference in every girl's life.

    The ability to resolve conflicts in a way that creates peace and goodwill for all parties involved is a skill that increases confidence, furthers your learning and earning potential, and helps you grow exponentially as a person. Our workshops teache about the causes, types, and strategic resolutions of conflicts seen throughout literature and life. Girls learn to work as a peacemaker in their communities by practicing time-tested strategies and identifying triggers.

    Contact us to learn more about any of our girl empowerment programs.

Did you know that LifePlay's mission aligns with the principles that make up Girl Scouts?
We use psychologist-approved lesson plans and PLAY to elevate emotional intelligence.

Become Agents of Change!

Following the lead of GSUSA, LifePlay now offers a new, cutting-edge media literacy program in which girls deconstruct invasive media messages.

Our girls become agents of change, teaching others how to foster self-esteem and healthy body image.

'Change Agents' is a great way for Girl Scouts to delve into the “It’s Your Story: Tell It” journey and a very relevant focus for a Gold Award project.

Want to learn more?

Our interactive self-discovery programs have elements that support badge work on as many as 15 Girl Scout badges at each age level! Contact us to learn more about our customized girl empowerment workshops and seminars.

New GGGS Badges by LifePlay

LifePlay brings the new Girls Guide to Girl Scouting (GGGS) Badges to life in new and unexpected ways.

  • See the Girl Scout Law come to life through role-plays for your Daisies, and see your Brownies get the most out of the new Let’s Pretend badge

  • Juniors can show how they Lead On and Cadettes explore Public Relations

  • Seniors will love a deeper exploration of theatre skills, and Ambassadors will benefit from public speaking training

At each program level we have over a dozen badges carefully planned and put into action.

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LifePlay Girl Leadership & Empowerment Programs

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