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Our after school programs for kids nurture life skills through theatre and other arts, providing the perfect opportunity for children to discover self-expression, gain
, and inspire emotional intelligence.

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    Theatre Troupe

    Using proprietary curriculum created in coordination with child psychologists, therapists and education specialists, highly skilled teaching artists foster social and emotional development through improvisational theatre activities.

    Each day centers on a specific theme, all activities are delivered with the theme of the day as the central intention, and guided question after each activity deepens students' awareness and understanding of the themes. Social and emotional themes include tolerance, empathy, courage, self-awareness, acceptance, and more. Designed for elementary and middle school students.

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    Arts Expression

    Expressive arts therapists create an environment to foster self-awareness and personal creation through five modalities of instruction: dance, music, visual art, creative writing, and theatre. Students gain exposure to a wide variety of art forms and have opportunities to discover and develop talent while also developing crucial social and emotional skills. Appropriate and adaptable for all grades K-12.

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    Productions for a Purpose

    Students work with a director, choreographer, writer, and musician to produce a theatrical production from start to finish. The cast and crew first develop a central message they want to convey to an audience, then build a script and production around that values-centered theme. The production is then delivered with the intention of bringing awareness (and funding when appropriate) to an agreed-upon cause that they students wish to support.

    For instance, students created a production to tell the life story and life lessons of a beloved teacher who had suddenly passed, with the intention of raising money to fund a playground project about which the teacher had been very passionate.

(DID YOU KNOW?  Any LifePlay after school program can be offered as an in-class workshop too!)

Curious about having LifePlay at Your School?

Our teachers are all PlaySafe certified for your child's protection and safety, and all of our instructors and highly skilled and experienced in their teaching field—furthermore, our teachers breathe the LifePlay philosophy into every after school program these teach.

Don't you wish you knew what your child was doing in his / her after school classes?  When you register your child for a LifePlay after-school program, you will receive an email each week giving you valuable information on the lessons we are teaching, along with tips, tricks, and hints for everyday parenting fun.

We have found that keeping parents informed in this way helps you have more meaningful conversations at home – and that's what we're here for.

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LifePlay afterschool programs arm children with LIFE SKILLS, using the arts to instill emotional intelligence:

  • Conflict resolution
  • Self-awareness
  • Bully prevention
  • Fundamental manners and etiquette
  • Leadership

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