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Conflict Management for RAs

Help your Resident Assistants develop stronger communication and conflict resolution skills for a peaceful and relaxed residence hall environment. Our professional coaches provide an experiential program founded on Restorative Justice principles and proven conflict management techniques.

Help make your residential hall a peaceful, solution-oriented environment in which students are accountable for their actions, are empowered to make positive decisions, and are motivated to excel. Gain practical experience in applying conflict resolution techniques confidently in a wide variety of situations, and become the leader you would like to be.

Restorative Justice philosophy acknowledges:

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  • Any offense committed against another is an act against people and relationships, an act against the community, and an act against the law, or in relative terms, the rules.

  • When a student acts out against another, or against the rules, that student creates an obligation to the individual, the classroom, and the school community.

  • When the person offending meets their obligations, they are taking responsibility for their actions, and begin to understand and value their relationship with other students and teachers, the school community, and the law, or the rules.

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Get your team on the same page! Plan a LifePlay ‘playdate’ for your work team, school group, or organization, and have some fun! Communities and relationships are made stronger through open communication and a sense of play. Work with our professional coaches to develop a tailor-made program for a creative, supportive, fun, and enlightening experience you’ll be talking about long after it’s over!

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