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Find the FUN in fitness! Join our expert hoop dancers for an hour of waist-toning, fat-burning, joyful play! Exhilarating choreography and freedom to explore new patterns of movement guarantee a great time for everyone, from beginners to more experienced performers. The LifePlay made-for-you hoops ensure success in the first few minutes!


Sharpen your wit, meet new friends, see how much laughter you can fit into one hour.

This class will challenge the way you look at yourself and the world around you, and provide you the support and encouragement you need to move yourself to the next level. LifePlay’s special brand of improv experience will help you gain self-awareness and confidence, help you build more peaceful relationships, and foster success in all areas of your life...through laughter and play.


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This performance-driven class will take you from the first game to the end of your first gig in front of a live audience.

Our amazing coaches will help you build your confidence, wit, and improv abilities, and will support you in having a wonderful opening night. More experienced players will enjoy honing their skills and have new performance opportunities in this fun course.


Now’s your chance to run away and join the circus! Every week is a chance to develop a new circus skill and learn fun choreography - hooping, juggling, stilts, slacklining, clowning, acrobalancing, and more!

This class is open to every level and athletic ability - have fun challenging yourself to the next level of you!

Passionate Parenting Series

Delivered in a 6-week series, this course will give you tools to be the parent you’ve always known you could be! Learn powerful communication techniques to enrich your relationship with your spouse and your children, and explore the possibilities available to your family for a more vibrant family life.

Crossing the Bridge Series

This 4-week series of courses will give you tools to move beyond the basics and into a deeper connection with everyone in your world. Learn deeply empathetic techniques to help you dissolve underlying issues and recurring conflicts in your relationships, creating a more joyful life.

The Dating Game

A playground for the singles scene! Hop in the Dating Game to explore issues and solutions to life’s biggest dating challenges. A fun, laugh-infused experience that will boost confidence, increase appeal, and develop higher emotional intelligence. (Oh, yeah, there are other singles there, too.)

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