Restorative practices training for teachers.

Orientation Program for Restorative Practices in San Diego

Restorative Practices Training for Teachers

Introduction to a

A 3-hour Orientation
in Restorative Practices

THURS Nov. 12 @ 4pm

Restorative Practices Workshop

Discover how Restorative Practices can give you the time & peace you need to achieve the classroom you desire!


Group Circle

for Educators

Join a FREE community circle with other teachers.

SUN Nov. 15 @ 2pm

Restorative Practices Workshop

Meet and mingle with other educators and experience a group circle, sharing ideas and challenges to achieving a restorative classroom.

Achieve Peace at Your School
with Restorative Practices

Integrating Restorative Practices into a classroom fosters a peaceful, solution-oriented environment in which students are accountable for their actions, are empowered to make positive decisions, and are motivated to excel.

LifePlay workshops in restorative practices for schools arm educators with the knowledge and practical experience needed to bring Restorative Justice and peaceful practices to your classroom.

In July 2014, SDUSD proclaimed itself "A Restorative District" to evolve away from harsh, ineffective punitive policies, instead adopting positive discipline!

San Diego Unified a Restorative Practices District - July 2014
(see PPT from SDUSD)

Championed by Superintendent Cindy Marten (see UT article), some 75 San Diego Unified schools have initiated training educators in restorative justice practices.

Enjoy a more peaceful classroom by adding tools to your teaching toolbox. Talk with the LifePlay team to help you choose a tailor-made experience in developing and fostering emotional intelligence.

Restorative Practices philosophy acknowledges:

  • Any offense committed against another is an act against people and relationships, an act against the community, and an act against the law, or in relative terms, the rules.

  • When a student acts out against another, or against the rules, that student creates an obligation to the individual, the classroom, and the school community.

  • When the person offending meets their obligations, they are taking responsibility for their actions, and begin to understand and value their relationship with other students and teachers, the school community, and the law, or the rules.

From a single-topic workshop to a class series, our professional coaches provide fun, experiential learning in positive discipline strategies, easy and efficient powerful communication techniques, conflict resolution, and more.

Inter-Teacher Teambuilding & Staff Harmony

Get your teaching and administrative team on the same page! Plan a LifePlay 'playdate' and have some fun! Communities and relationships are made stronger through open communication and a sense of play. Our professional coaches provide your team with a creative, supportive, fun, and enlightening experience you’ll be talking about long after it's over!

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Meet Carlos...
A Tale of Two Schools - Restorative Practices example

Find PEACE with your kids, and SNAP the school-to-prison cycle!

California became the first state in the US to eliminate suspensions for its youngest children, and stop ALL expulsions for minor misbehavior per Gov. Jerry Brown's signing of AB 420!

Keep Calm and Use Restorative Practices - LifePlay