LifePlay fosters social and emotional development—instilling core life skills such as leadership, tolerance and active listening—via a supportive, play-centered environment.

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LifePlay: Emotional Intelligence + Restorative Practices + Arts & Play!

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Empowering Theatre Class for Kids
NEW • open to ALL new & seasoned performers in 2nd - 12th grade

Empowerment through Threatre - a LifePlay program

LifePlay loves that there's a place for everyone in theatre! The wonderfully talented Bryn Fillers will tap each kid's inner brillance, foster confidence, and spotlight each child's unique talents.

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This 9-week empowerment program is open to the community, running every Saturday 9-11am, starting Jan. 9 2016

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Kalabash School for Music & the Arts
5725 La Jolla Blvd., La Jolla, CA 92037

9-week program  •  $165

  •  Discover acting & stage techniques
  •  Experience creativity and teamwork
  •  Learn how to produce a show

A family & friends performance on
the last day of class (Mar. 5)!

'Out of School' Programs

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ALL Schools • ALL Cities

LifePlay after-school enrichment programs blend emotional intelligence with a whole bunch of FUN!
After school programs   •  self-awareness
  •  leadership
  •  cooperation

Unique after school programs that foster core life skills
through theater games, structured play, & the arts!

Restoritive Practices for the Classroom

Open Educators Community Circle
FREE gathering & group circle at Balboa Park

Meet and mingle with other educators in lovely Balboa Park, and participate in a group circle, exploring ideas, experiences, and challenges with adopting restorative practices in the classroom.

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