A Restorative Classroom

Restorative Workshops and Gatherings for CA Educators

Discover how Restorative Practices can give YOU the
time & peace you need to achieve the classroom you desire.

Experience a Circle
with other Educators

SUN, Nov. 15 @ 2-5pm

Participate in a restorative community circle with other regional teachers.

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    Detailed Description

    Monthly opportunity to meet with fellow teachers, counselors, teaching artists, therapists, administrators, and more from the broad community of people who are passionate about the future of children.

    Inspire and be inspired by the wealth of ideas and skills, resolve your classroom challenges, and experience the connecting, invigorating power of the community circle.
    Light refreshments provided

  • FREE, so bring another teacher!

  • Balboa Park: the 'Redwood Circle' picnic grounds, on the west (6th ave.) side of the park, between Maple and Nutmeg st. ( see Map )

Restorative Practices Orientation Workshop

THURS, Nov. 12 @ 4-7pm

Orientation and training in core practices for a restorative classroom.

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    Detailed Description

    Explore the origins, philosophy, and practice of Restorative Practices. Discover the simple, practical, and creative ways to apply the principles immediately and effectively.

    Begin the journey you've always wanted to have to move to your next level of performance as a guide and educator.
    Light refreshments provided

  • $55 per person

  • San Diego Performing Arts Center
    4579 Mission Gorge Pl., 92120
    ( see Map ~ view SDPAC site )

Open to ALL educators, administrators, teaching artists, & camp counselors.
Public, private, and charter schools are all welcome!

Curious? FAQs about our Restorative Classroom Events

California became the first state in the US to eliminate suspensions for its youngest children, and all expulsions for all students for minor misbehavior per Gov. Jerry Brown's signing of AB 420!

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LifePlay's introductory workshops will deepen your understanding and avail first-hand the positive and powerful effect of using Restorative Practices and Classroom Circles.

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Districts across CA are adopting Restorative Practices in schools to eliminate expulsions and suspensions, boost parent engagement, increase student achievement and bring communities closer together.

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Find PEACE with your kids, and SNAP the school-to-prison cycle!